NAVHDA Meeting 2012-09-25

NAVHDA Meeting 2012-09-25

7:00 P.M. 09-25-2012


Barney has resigned as Secretary due to conflicts with work and not enough time. Dan Wittman has nominated John Ruttman to take his place and John has agreed to the role of club Secretary. Dan Wittman motioned to vote to replace Barney as Secretary with John Ruttman. Motion was seconded by Anita Weiss and motion passed.


Cost to produce newsletter at $50/ issue bi-monthly would be $300/YR as proposed by Bonnie.

Jim does not believe the club should pay for the newsletter to be produce, but rather should be a volunteer effort.

Anita stated that the volunteer approach has been tried but unsuccessfully due to a lack of follow through with actually producing the letter.

Jim also wondered if the entire group has been approached to find a volunteer.

Greg asked if the website could be enough at this time.

John asked if we could add a page to the website with a monthly or bimonthly online newsletter.

Anita suggested we vote on the decision to continue with the newsletter efforts.

Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.


Greg agreed with the approach of making a profit of $1/bird, but added that the $0.25/ bird should be equally split between the haulers no matter the number of birds transported by the respective haulers.

Greg also recommended increasing payment for bird hauling to be 50% of profit to an adjusted amount of $0.50/bird to be split evenly between haulers. It was suggested we make a motion to make the official payment to haulers to be $0.50/bird.

Greg motioned to raise the payment for hauling birds to $0.50/bird and to be split evenly by all haulers. The motion was seconded by Jim and the motion passed. The motion was amended to make retroactive for the previous training day.


Group is looking into information regarding sponsoring a fun hunt.

Cherry stated she is still working on details for the fun hunt details.


For Friday there are currently 3 UT and 3 NA dogs signed up. There is room for 1 additional NA dog for Friday and could also explore moving UT dogs to Sunday.

For Saturday there is a full day of UT dogs with 6 currently signed up and many of those are from outside of Arizona.

For Sunday there are 2 UT dogs and 4 NA dogs scheduled to be tested. However, 1 of the UT dogs is “iffy”.

Profit and loss for test needs to be evaluated and adjusted in needed.

Jim stated he is available to judge 2 days.

Rules for judging were discussed and requirement for 1st test is that 1 judge must be from out of the region and 2 other judges can be local. Requirements for second test are that 1 judge must be from out of state but others can be local.

Greg stated that we will have quail and chukker for test and the club may look to buy pheasants.

Ted stated that he can get mallard ducks and cost is either $10 or $12/duck.

Cherry stated that she is depositing the test checks on Friday.


Jim stated that we need to draft members for weed cleaning at pond.

The club agrees that it will require multiple weekends to get pond in a healthy and beneficial way.

After discussion it was stated that 10/6-10/7 would be good for proposed cleaning days.

Also it was noted that Allen has not requested that any changes be made to original reed cutting plan.

The group may explore purchasing chemical reed killer and implementing its use, but it truly depends on cost.

Jim stated that the most critical need for cleaning the pond is Man power.

Ted will be sending out the signup sheet for volunteers to clean up the reeds at Orm pond.

Irv stated that he has at least 2 boats, one 14′ boat along with at least 1-10′ boat.


Greg mentioned that there was some concern at tracking down enough birds.

Anita stated that she will call her source to find out if any birds are available. Also, John is going to call his source for pigeons.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47P.M.