NAVHDA – Grand Canyon Chapter 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

NAVHDA – Grand Canyon Chapter 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2017

Location:Jim & Jeanne Cassara 4351 E. Casey LnCave Creek, Az. 85331

Meeting was called to order by President Ted Hamilton at 1:00 PM.

In attendance were:

  • Ted Hamilton
  • Nate Reisner
  • David Schafnit
  • Bob Redwine
  • Bill Watt
  • Dennis Tabas
  • Jim Cassara
  • Greg Svancara
  • George Angeli
  • Aniko Solyom
  • George Troxel
  • Skip Hillberg
  • Ted & Susan Carpenter Jim Carpenter
  • Wade Zarlingo
  • Brent Mullen
  • Rhonda & Greg Weibers Al Glyn

The President called for a treasurers report from David Schafnit. David presented a Profit & Loss statement comparing 2015 to 2016. We lost money during the spring test and made money with the fall test. Our net income for the year was $1857.63. As compared to 2015 we made $1821.11 more in 2016. The chapter is in strong financial position with $11,294.86 in the bank.

Jim Carpenter gave a update on the training clinic to be held off of the Old Sycamore Highway on February 25 & 26. Ruth Weiss to be the presenter.

Jim said it will be a hands on clinic- bring your dog. However, much of what is to be learned is for the handler. Ruth will focus on training techniques for puppy. As the seminar progresses it will move into general training procedures for all ages of dogs. Lunch will be provided Saturday. Jim expected 12 to 20 paid participants.

Spring test to be held in the same general area on April 22 & 23. The location may be moved slightly for the field work to a area adjacent to the Orme pond. This is on Prescott National Forest Land. And will keep us off of state trust land where we have been holding our test the last few years. As of now we only have 2 handlers/dogs signed up for the test. Jim said we will pickup more participants as the test gets closer.

Greg Svancara said he would put a calendar together for training dates for 2017. Training weekends have traditionally been the third weekend of each month. Ted Hamilton said he would like to see trainings that are the last one before a test be two weeks before to allow for the handler and dog to work on any problems that come up.

Community service projects were presented by Ted Hamilton. We will build a shelter at the Orme pond probably sometime in March. This will require 3 or 4 volunteers. Ted has had most of the materials donated. The shelter is to be approximately 10×10 or 10×12 with 4 support post.

The other project will be to paint either the inside or outside of one of the cabins at the YMCA’s -Chauncy Ranch. These cabins are used for kids during summer camps as bunk houses. This will take numerous volunteers and at least 2 full days. The date was set for May 6&7 to do this project.

Ted gave a bird count for his facility:

  • Chukars- 120
  • Quail- 80 with 800 eggs to arrive soon
  • Pheasants- 19
  • Ducks- 20

The election/ nominating procedure was explained by Ted. Saying that 2017 is a election year. A nominating committee was needed to be formed with 3 members in good standing who are not board members. 

Jim Cassara, Dennis Tabas and Bill Watt volunteered to be the committee. They will decide who is to be chairman and report to Ted. Their jobs is to identify candidates for this election. A secretary and vice president are two of the offices that are open. Nate Reisner volunteered to run as vice president. The committee must report the results (nominees) to the secretary by June 15th.

A promotional item was presented by Jim Carpenter. It is a carry case-utility bag manufactured by Red Oxx. Our cost with a embroidered logo would be between $70 to $80. Jim thought we would sell the bags as a break even or make very little on each sale. Possibly selling for $90 to $100. No determination on purchasing was made.

Ted brought up the need to maintain and update our web site. Clint Harris had previously volunteered to help. Very little has happened. The need for a online newsletter that can be accessed from the website as well as e mailed to all members was discussed. Bill Watt felt that newsletters had fallen out of favor. And that emails from the President and other board members served the same purpose. Jim Cassara explained how the Az Pointing Dog Club newsletter functioned. And that many members relied on the information provided in the newsletter to know when events and monthly meetings were happening. Ted said a quarterly newsletter would be preferred with much of the information to be feed from the members and board of directors on what to include. Rhonda volunteered to work on the newsletter.

Membership was discussed. We only have 35 paid (2017) members. Some members will still be paying their dues. Brent spoke of the need to increase our membership. Feeling that we should be a 80 to 100 member organization. Ted Carpenter asked how or why the Valley of the Sun chapter was formed. Ted Hamilton explained the progression. It was also stated that it is not necessary to be a member of the local or national NAVHDA to test a dog. You do however have to have your dog registered with NAVHDA and have a registration number.

Wade Zarlingo spoke to concerns of having our test on state trust land. Especially on a undesignated access road. The forest service permit process was discussed. Ted Hamilton pointed out the difficulties with acquiring the permit. Because of these concerns Ted is looking into testing on private land.

Az Game and Fish Game Bird License Application process was presented by Wade Zarlingo- a game and fish employee. Wade explained the new process for a permit. And how it is now necessary to apply for a permit every 10 days that you will be training. And a permit is necessary for each specific location per gps or utm coordinates.

Brent provided his interpretation of the process explaining the three main problem areas being a permit every 10 days, specific location and a annual recap report. Greg Svancara said that members training with the chapter will work under the umbrella of the chapter license. Brent showed a addendum that could be included with the “Rule Petition Packet” and offered to mail it out to the members. It is up to each member, if they choose to voice their concerns with the new rules.

Wade Zarlingo gave a Mearn’s quail count- Birds per day- 2.7 2016 season
Birds per day- 3.8 2015 season
juvenile harvest of 51.7%- very low

Meeting was adjourned at 3: 21 pm